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We have created our own weight loss program called the RCA method. RCA stands for Regain Control Again. We want to help you regain control not only over your weight, but your diet and your life and make long-term changes for your health. In this program we teach you basic principles so you have something to take away for the rest of your life. We are interested in giving you long-term sustainable results.

The program starts with a consultation to discuss your goals, strengths/weaknesses and possible hurdles. This is not a one size fits all weight loss program. We want you to be successful and for that to happen we have to get to know you.

We utilize the InBody to obtain a basal metabolic rate (BMR), visceral fat levels, amount of skeletal muscle and inflammation. This advanced scale helps us create a custom weight loss program for you.

The first month of the program involves weekly office visits to hold you accountable, to utilize the InBody measurements and to give you Skinny Shots (MIC) to help your liver clear the fat you are working so hard to lose.

We sit down with you and teach you about Macronutrients, what they are and how to measure them. We show you how to properly track your diet to get the best results.

The next month moves to every other week once you get the hang of the program how to be successful.


Our proprietary weight loss medicationis made up of three parts. It works to help you sleep which can help decrease your cortisol levels. We all have busy lives and sometimes we have trouble sleeping and lack of quality sleep can lead to elevated cortisol levels. Consistently elevated cortisol levels has many effects on your body, one of them is the accumulation of visceral fat (belly fat). This fat is the most difficult to get rid of as it releases hormones in order to maintain its level of adipose (Fat). These hormones will signal to your brain that you are hungry even if you are not and will make it difficult to achieve weight loss. We all know sleep is important to help your body and brain rejuvenate and recover, but it is also important for weight loss and over all health.

Part of the medication also works to help decrease your reward centers when you are eating unhealthy foods. You wont feel as satisfied eating your favorite cheat meals, which will help you maintain your health diet.

One of the minerals of the medication helps to make your body’s natural insulin work more effectively. Consistently elevated insulin levels can lead to creation of fat, mostly visceral fat (the bad kind!). If we can decrease the insulin spikes in your blood we can help try to decrease the formation of visceral fat.

The last part of the medication is a B vitamin. It has been shown that this specific B vitamin helps with carbohydrate and fat metabolism. If we can help your body be more efficient in burning carbohydrates and fat we can help you lose weight. Also, as with most B vitamins it helps to give you energy.

With the combination of this medication, it works to assist you with your weight loss journey.

Macronutrients and Diet Tracking

We want you to succeed! We want to teach you the basic principles of diet and exercise so you always have a foundation to return to. We will teach you about macronutrients, what are they and how each of them is different. We will show you how to track them and your calories to properly manage your diet.

Skinny Shots

For the first month you will receive weekly Skinny shots, which is a mixture of 3 amino acids and B vitamins to help your liver clear the fat you are working hard to break down and to give you energy.

The Skinny shots work well together with our medication and macronutrient tracking to give you the best results!

Program Options

Our RCA program can either be done as a full program for 2 months, which includes weekly visits, InBody measurements, Skinny shot injections and reviewing your diet. The second month will move to every other week for 2 office visits in the second month, which will include InBody measurements, a Skinny Shot and a review of your progress!

The half RCA program is one visit a month for 2 months, which does include an Inbody assessment, Skinny Shot and review of your progress. The first office visit will include a custom macronutrient and tracking program along with an InBody assessment and Skinny Shot. The next follow up will be the following month to check progress.


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The RCA Way of Weight Loss

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