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The Clean Start Weight Loss Program has helped over 80,000 people safely loss weight since 2011. This medically supervised weight loss program is based on the proven diet and program of the hCG diet founded by Dr. Simeons in 1954. He discovered that in combination with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) hCG has the ability to “unlock” the body’s fat stores to burn more body fat and prevents muscle loss.

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program is designed to target the worse and most dangerous fat deposit, the abdomen! Following this proven program you will be able to reestablish a new weight “set point” for your metabolism and body which will help to decrease the chance of returning to your previous weight.

If the Clean Start Weight Loss Program is followed as directed, most patients report rapid weight loss from their abdomens, thighs and buttocks.

The goal of the Clean Start Weight Loss Program is to help YOU regain control of your eating habits and your life. To show you that you can loss the weight you have been trying to lose and to give you the tool to succeed in this journey.

Besides losing weight, the Clean Start Weight Loss Program aims to reset your metabolism to allow your body to return to its intended baseline.

The aim of this program is to not have you be hungry for the rest of your life! In the short term, this diet is going to show you that YOU CAN lose that stubborn weight. As a team we will work with you to help you achieve whatever goals you want!

How it works

So how does this diet work? The current theory is that hCG interacts with the hypothalamus and the hormone Leptin. Leptin is the hormone that is made from fat cells that helps to regulate your energy. It works to inhibit hunger and make you feel full. hCG appears to trick your body into thinking it is full, this is why you are not hungry on a low calorie diet. Even though you are not eating that many calories, your body still needs calories and energy to function. The body will turn to your fat stores for its main energy source to offset the low calories you are eating. Dr. Simeons’ hypothesized that hCG will release 1,000-4,000 calories a day from fat stores to be used as energy.

Your family members and friends might be worried that you are eating such few calories, but rest assured if the program is followed as directed you will be healthy. The key to this protocol is constant contact with weekly visits to your medical provider as part of your commitment to your diet and ultimately your health!

As a patient at Restorative Care you will be held responsible in your journey to be healthier! We will conduct weekly visits to help keep you accountable and make sure you are seeing the results you want.

Duration of Treatment

The program can range in length from 26-43 days for the first phase where you will be using prescription hCG and following the strict diet. The next 6 weeks will be a combination of two 3-week phases where we slowly introduce you back to more calories and food. This is very important! This will ensure you do not undue all of your hard work by returning to your normal diet and shocking your metabolism and body. The first 3 weeks you can eat whatever you like, but NO sugars or starches! The next 3 weeks you can slowly add sugars and starches, one at a time, back into your diet. At this point some people might find out they have a food sensitivity, as they are adding foods back into their diet and they start to have side effects: Bloating, joint pain, GI upset, etc.

We educate patients to get the best results you will need to plan around vacations, parties, weddings, etc. This is to ensure that you get the best results without tempting yourself to not follow the strict diet. This is a commitment to your health and we want to make sure you are as successful as possible!

Weight Loss Expectations

This will vary depending on gender and your own metabolism. Men usually lose more weight than women. Many women average about 0.5-0.75 pounds per day and men average 0.65-1 pound per day. But, there are many individual issues that will affect someone’s weight loss and this can be discussed at your office visit.

What You Get

You get medical supervision and prescription hCG along with weekly visits and Vitamin B and Fat Burner injections. Weekly visit are important to keep you accountable in your weight loss journey and make sure you get what you paid for!

You will also be supplied with a diet book with over 50 recipes for all 3 phases of the weight loss. You get a guidebook to help explain all the details of the diet and program. You will receive a quick tip sheet to with highlighted facts to keep you on track and a shopping list and calorie count sheet to bring to the grocery store. Most importantly, you will receive a food journal to log your meals and keep track of your calories. This will be reviewed every week at your follow up appointments to ensure you are getting the best results!

FDA states that “hCG is a hormone extracted from a the urine of pregnant women. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of certain problems of the male reproductive system and in stimulating ovulation in women who have had difficulty becoming pregnant. No evidence has been presented, however, to substantiate claims for hCG as a weight-loss aid.” This is true, because taking hCG on its OWN will NOT produce weight-loss, but combined with a straight diet, hard work and medical oversight it can and WILL produce safe weight-loss.


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