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The RCA Way Summary

We have created our own weight loss program called the RCA method. RCA stands for Regain Control Again. We want to help you regain control not only over your weight, but your diet and your life and make long-term changes for your health. In this program we teach you basic principles so you have something to take away for the rest of your life. We are interested in giving you long-term sustainable results.

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Medically Supervised weight loss Program

Not everyone will be a good candidate for hCG weight loss and some people just need to loss a few pounds and need some extra help on their wellness journey. The medically supervised weight loss program here at Restorative Care combines medication, diet tips, accountability, scientific measurements and medical advice. We have great working relationships with local food prep services that can assist you on your journey to lose weight and teach you how to eat clean.

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You can now schedule appointments online. Why wait? Schedule your next visit online now!

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Medically supervised hCG weight loss Program

  • Have you tried and failed other diets?
  • Do you want to reset your appetite and metabolism?
  • Do you want to learn how to eat clean?
  • Lets us help you in resetting your metabolism to achieve the weight and body you want!
  • Join over 80,000 people have participated and have regained their body’s back with this established, safe and very effective program!
  • Restorative Care of Arizona has been trained in the Clean Start Weight Loss Program and is a proud partner.
  • Sign up for a free consultation to see how you can get your body back!