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Charlie Piermarini PA-C, MSPAS, MS, MPH

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After graduating from the University of Arizona with his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physiology, Charlie went to work as a clinical technician for a men’s health device company. It was an amazing experience and provided him the opportunity to learn first hand how to appropriately treat men‘s health issues, while also solidifying his passion to apply to Physicians Assistant (PA) School. After completing a dual Master’s in Science of Physician Assistant and Public Health at Touro University of California, he then moved back to Arizona, where he practiced family medicine and then moved into pain management and urgent care. All of his collective experiences to date have increased his passion for medicine and helping his patients on their journey to achieving and maintaining better health.

In his time away from work, Charlie loves to keep active. He enjoys working out, Crossfit, hiking, golfing, fishing and camping. Anything that keeps him moving and active! He also enjoys watching football and hockey with his friends on the weekends. He loves to lead by example and finds it important to show his patients’ how to balance both living a healthy life style and enjoying life.

It is important to realize that a healthy person is both physically and emotionally well. At Restorative Care we take this into consideration when we treat our patients. We know every patient will require a different treatment plan than the next and we work to make sure both aspects of your health are taken care of with personalized attention.

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